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Dhaliwal has a very versatile Urology practice where all urological conditions, from reproductive problems in male patients to urinary issues in either sex is addressed. Our skilled surgeons treat most urological complaints. Common among these are endourological procedures, minimal access surgeries, Key-Hole surgeries for urinary stone disease, anatomical defects of the urinary tract, prostate diseases in men, genito-urinary malignancies, female urinary tract disorders including procedures for Stress Urinary incontinence, comprehensive stone clinic and incontinence clinic, urethral stricture disease etc.
Key Surgeries  
  • Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)
  • Laparoscopic Nephrectomy
  • Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL)
  • Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy
  • Pyeloplasty
    Full List  
  • Testicular biopsy bilateral
  • Diagnostic cystoscopy & viu
  • Meatotomy urology
  • Bladder neck incision(BNI)
  • Dilatation of stricture urethra under GA
  • Orchidectomy bilateral
  • Capd catheter removal
  • Dilatation of stricture urethra under LA
  • Orchidectomy unilateral
  • Chordee correction
  • Endoscopic removal of stone in bladder
  • Orchidopexy - bilateral
  • Cystolithotomy suprapubic
  • Endoscopic teflon injection - unilateral
  • Orchidopexy - unilateral
  • Cystolithotripsy (CLT)
  • Epididmal cyst excision bilateral
  • Palomo's bilateral
  • Cystoscopic clot evacuation
  • Epididmal cyst excision unilateral
  • Palomo's unilateral
  • Cystoscopic removal of foreign bodies
  • Epididymectomy/ spermatocelectomy- unilateral
  • Penail urethrostomy
  • Cystoscopic stent removal
  • Hydroceletomy unilateral
  • Phrenuloplasty
  • Cystoscopy & viu with suprapubic cystostomy
  • Lap varicocelectomy
  • R.p.g bilateral
  • Cystoscopy with bladder biopsy
  • Laser vaporization of prostate
  • R.p.g. unilateral
  • D/j stening unilateral
  • Lymph node biopsy (superficial)
  • Reduction of paraphimosis
  • D/j stent removal bilateral
  • Meatoplasty
  • Testicular biopsy (unilateral)
  • D/j stent removal unilateral
  • Meatotomy
  • Transrectal prostate biopsy general surgery
  • D/j stentong bilateral
  • Meatotomy -general surgery
  • Transrectal prostate biopsy urology
  • Trocar cystostomy
  • Trucut needle biopsy
  • Turbt(small bladder tumor resection)
  • TURP
  • Ureteric basketting
  • Ureteric dilatation - bilateral
  • Ureteric dilatation - unilateral
  • Ureteric meatotomy bilateral
  • Ureteric meatotomy unilateral
  • Ureterocele repaid unilateral
  • Urs-diagnostic ICTL, dj stenting)
  • Vasectomy b/l
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    Centre for stress urinary incontinence surgeries.

    Do you leak (wetting of clothes) when you cough, laugh, jog, climbing stairs i, e Involuntary loss of urine that is objectively demonstrable and is causing social or hygienic problem…
  • Is a highly prevalent condition, seen in almost 15-30% of women of all ages, disrupting the social, physical, sexual and psychological functions to great extent.

  • It is considerably under reported because of embarrassment or the belief that it is a part of normal ageing process.
    Increased intra abdominal pressure (e.g., sneezing, coughing, exercise) causes rise in  bladder pressure causing Involuntary loss of urine.
    . TOT
    Transobturator Tension Free Tape - Tape passed through obturator foramen to support urinary bladder neck.

  • Time :  30 min procedure.
  • Lesser invasive procedure.
  • Discharge on same day
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