Dhaliwal Hospital
Medical Tourism
As one of the fastest evolving names in the field of “Medical Tourism”, Dhaliwal Hospital works with highly reputed channel partners to create and deliver the services you need to ensure your and your loved ones complete well-being. 
Dhaliwal Hospital joins hands with the very best of healthcare institutions in India to bring to you comprehensive medical facilities. We provide the building blocks and total development facilities, while our channel partners integrate a solution appropriate to the individual’s specific medical requirements. And with our working relationship with different people from different geographical and social backgrounds from across the world, and our intrinsic understanding of the latest technology & support systems, with constantly improved processes; we shrink every treatment cycle and enable accelerated health-giving of our esteemed patrons. 

1). Basic track record of the institution over the last 10 years

2). Patient treatment success rate since the beginning

3). Quality, qualification, experience and expertise of doctors

4). Extent of exposure to international patients

5). Extent of availability of state of the art infrastructure

6). Quality and success rate of emergency facilities

7). Quality, educational background, and comfort levels of nursing faculty

8). Cost effectiveness evaluation of the various services when compared with all the above specifics

9). Proximity to basic travel points such as airport, railway stations, bus terminals, etc.
Dhaliwal Hospital
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